The emergency housing project will start receiving applications on Monday


United Way, ECKAN logos.

The emergency housing project involving United Way of the Flint Hills and ECKAN officially begins receiving requests for help on Monday, but there has already been a lot of demand since the program was announced.

Announced Tuesday, the goal is to provide housing to people in emergency situations. ECKAN Social Services Coordinator Destiny Siegrist says the process is currently by appointment only.

The meeting process includes setting goals and assessing strengths. Siegrist says the goal is to find emergency housing immediately, and ECKAN will work with clients to find affordable housing for them. ECKAN is working with the Salvation Army, SOS and other partners to ensure housing availability through this program, although the current housing crisis may make it difficult to prepare homes for this program.

The project is an offshoot of the Plumb Place Steering Committee led by Centraide and will remain in place until Plumb Place is reestablished or a similar organization can address crisis housing needs. United Way received a grant of $ 90,000 from the Jones Testamentary Trust and a grant of $ 25,000 from the Trusler Foundation to begin this work.

Nearly 10 families signed up for meetings at the last word, and Siegrist says his phone was inundated with calls from people looking for information. Homeless residents are eligible, as long as their wages are below 200% of the federal poverty line, depending on family size.

For more information, call ECKAN at 620-342-4607 or Centraide at 620-342-7564.


Julio V. Miller

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