The center for young people with extraordinary health needs takes another step

Malcolm Berry, President and CEO, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation –

“Working closely with the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority and other key partners, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of children, youth and families struggling with Health through its significant support of this first-of-its-kind facility in Canada. For these families, the availability of this level of specialized patient and family centered care for their unique needs will completely transform their support system in profound ways.

David Byres, Chief Executive Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority –

“Patient and family centered care is the foundation of this project. We begin with the lived experiences of children and their families, and bring together partners, leaders and community members who believe deeply in the vision of what life could – and should – be with this center and its multitude of services in place and accessible to families across the province. Although we are still in its infancy, I am grateful to all of our partners, the provincial government and the City of Vancouver for their commitment and support in bringing this center closer to reality.

Kennedy Stewart, Mayor of Vancouver –

“I am happy to see this very important complex care center for children and adolescents move forward. I am also pleased to announce that the City will contribute half the cost of a brand new on-site daycare. Children who have a good start in life do better in school and enjoy better physical and mental health. That’s why child care and early learning are so important to our Healthy City strategy. Vancouver families will benefit greatly for generations from the new child care center and the first facility in Canada that supports young patients as they transition from acute hospital care, community care and home.

Darlene Schopman, parent and caregiver –

“Our 10 year old son is very fragile medically and the support he needs is enormous. It comes from so many different professionals and places. It visits nearly every ward in BC Children’s Hospital, has many different therapists, caregivers, and nurses, and requires extensive intervention with medical procedures, equipment, and medical supplies. Having a Care Coordinator will be an incredible relief and will help make navigating their care easier.

Julio V. Miller