Silver says ‘it’s fair to guess’ how the NBA handled the season and the schedule


Like many politicians across the country, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has heard both praise and contempt for the league’s handling of the pandemic.

A year ago, the commitment to the bubble was praised, but neither the players nor the team’s staff wanted to repeat the experience on a personal level. This season has seen a condensed schedule, intense testing – players have been tested three times a day on match days – and still plenty of games postponed due to illness. This plan has been the subject of much criticism.

“Many different factors went into making these decisions [about this season]”Silver said at her annual pre-final press conference.” Again, it’s fair to guess them, and I frankly think we might not know that for quite a while, until which we are really able to look back on when we know this pandemic is over, whether we made the right decisions or not. “

One thing that went well, the NBA lost less money than expected, Silver said (and the goal of this condensed, early-start timeline was to maximize revenue). He noted that NBA revenue fell by about a third, which was better than the 40% expected.

Silver also said he believed these were the best decisions that could have been made at the time. It didn’t happen in a vacuum, the NBA negotiated with the players ‘union, got owners’ approval and got everyone involved in what turned out to be a grueling season.

“I mean, certainly at this point, looking back the last year and a half, the bubble seems to have been very effective.

“As far as this season is concerned… I still maintain that, in balancing all these different issues, it was always the best outcome of a variety of unpopular decisions, that it was the best way to balance those factors. But this is not clear and I accept the criticism. It’s part of the job, whether it comes from the players or the media or whatever, and we’ll see. Maybe it will take a few years to really come back to this season to really understand what we did well and what we did wrong. ”

The NBA has seen 10 All-Stars – more Young Traé, who should have been an All-Star – miss the time this playoffs with injuries. While some of these were fluids that could have happened in any season, some players and front office members of the team feel that the reduced rest built into this season has resulted in an increase. injuries. What’s this James lebron was talking in his Tweet that made the headlines.

Silver, for her part, pushed back against the idea that load management is the answer to avoiding injury.

“The problem we’re trying to solve is getting the rest to work, frankly?” Does load management work? Argent said. “There are different theories on this. What’s most surprising, like I said, it’s not just about injuries this season. We have been observing this upward trend for several years. And you would like to believe that with the investment, the level of sophistication, the number of doctors, the amount of tests we review, the data we collect that we once couldn’t, that putting the pandemic aside , we would have seen improvements and we haven’t seen it yet.


Julio V. Miller

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