Rosie on the House: Being a good neighbor is easy | Home + Life + Health

Want to be a good neighbor? Keep your trash away from sidewalks and don’t let it overflow into your neighbor’s yard.

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Special for Arizona Daily Star

Question: I have lived in my neighborhood for three years and have not met my neighbors. Is it too awkward now to give an introduction now?

Responnse: It’s never too late. And you are not the only one who does not know his neighbors.

The Pew Research Center reported in 2018 that 4 in 10 rural residents say they know all or most of their neighbors; the proportions are lower among people living in urban (24%) and suburban (28%) areas.

Getting to know your neighbors is the first step in becoming a good neighbor. If the proverbial welcome wagon hasn’t come your way, step out of your comfort zone and meet them.

If face-to-face contact isn’t your thing, especially in the age of ‘social distancing’, there are ways to connect virtually. Apps like Ring, Nextdoor, Citizen, and Groups on Facebook let you see who lives in your neighborhood (if they’ve signed up for the app) and what’s going on in your area. Find information on lost animals, crime, yard sales, special events and more.

Question: I am living in a house for the first time. Any suggestions on how I can be a good neighbor?

A: For starters, don’t assume anything about your neighbors. For example, “Betty never recognizes me when I shout ‘hello’ from across the street. She doesn’t like me. Is it possible that Betty just can’t hear you and ignore you? Cross the street and say hello. Start a conversation.

Julio V. Miller