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In Philadelphia, more than 10,000 households have “tangled titles,” preventing some families from enjoying more than $ 1 billion in generational wealth, according to Wills Tracey L. Gordon’s registry.

In fact, this situation is so serious that at 6 p.m. Thursday, Gordon welcomes the entire congressional delegation to the city along with other officials and experts to talk about the problem and how families can prevent it and deal with it. protect.

His weekly program on Zoom: “Plan. To prepare. Protect. With Register Tracy Gordon ”will feature US Reps Dwight Evans, Mary Gay Scanlon and Brendan Boyle.

“Obtaining information on general wealth, tangled titles and my office has been a high priority for my administration,” Gordon said.

These issues for debate include: the Fair Housing Act, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other federal and municipal resources to deal with the tangled titles crisis.

To participate, here is the link:, Zoom number: 824 3155 9958.

A “tangled title” refers to a situation in which someone lives in or has the right to own a house, but their name is not on the deed or title. Often, this type of situation occurs when a family member whose name appears on the deed dies without a will or without transferring or placing the deed in the name of the relative who resides there.

This can sometimes result in the loss of a parent’s home. And sometimes tangled headlines can lead criminals to steal the headlines and sell the house.

The Tangled Title Fund, funded primarily by the Division of Housing and Community Development Fund in Philadelphia, provides grants to low-income people seeking legal title to their homes. Grants help cover administrative, legal, and other costs associated with this process.

Applicants for these grants are eligible for up to $ 4,000. But priority is given to those whose household incomes do not exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Additionally, the property with the title entangled must be the applicant’s primary residence, or the person making the request must intend to make the property their primary residence.

The city’s register of wills office is responsible for the protection of general wealth. The office processes marriage licenses, keeps historical records, probate estates and other matters.

Gordon’s administration has also focused on educating citizens about financial literacy and estate planning.

Solving the tangled headlines crisis is one of the best non-police solutions to crime, Gordon said.

“There are over 10,000 titles entangled in Philadelphia. These homes don’t create generational wealth, they can’t renegotiate with the bank, sell, get FEMA assistance, or get insurance, ”Gordon said. “We can create stable and safe neighborhoods and it all starts with housing and economic stability. That is why my office created the Deferment of Estates Initiative. We waive and defer the fees associated with entangled securities. Together, we can solve this crisis.

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