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Republicans “won” many seats in this election. Every office in Westmoreland County is now in the hands of Republicans, as is the Governor of Virginia. So I am sure that they will do the responsible thing and investigate the obvious voter fraud and conduct responsible audits of the voters lists. After all, it might not be possible that when Republicans lose an election, it was entirely due to fraudulent ballots and obscure figures tampering with voter registration. Yet when they win, everything is completely legal, and there is nothing to worry about.

We look forward to press conferences in front of landscaping companies and a new wave of elation from Donald Trump himself educating everyone about the unconstitutionality and illegality of these Republican victories. I have the popcorn ready to go.

Let freedom ring!

Brian Luce, Buffalo Township

Following science saves lives

Just a story. My daughter-in-law told me that her best friend’s sister recently passed away from covid, but not before infecting her husband and grandchildren. She was not vaccinated. Neither her husband.

She and her husband thought Covid was a hoax and they were free to choose. They did not believe in the science that their family doctor passed on to them. Now she is dead and he is struggling to stay alive.

The tragedy of her death is actually an irony because, about a year ago, she had conquered cancer by following science and the treatment recommended by her doctors.

Richard Dulemba, Washington Township, Westmoreland County

Why did Governor Wolf not cast his own ballot?

Why did Governor Tom Wolf send his wife in his ballot (“Governor Wolf describes his wife casting the ballot as an honest mistake”)? I think it was to show us how easy it is to get other people to vote for other people and get away with it.

If postal voting was easy, why didn’t he do it himself? Was this a common mistake?

This guy signed the bill to make it easier to vote. Anyone, he should have read the bill. Looks like he didn’t, or just didn’t understand what he was signing.

If it was you or me, we would probably be fined and / or going to jail.

If we’re holding the drop boxes, isn’t there someone to validate that? Think about all the costs to have someone on hand to verify this. Looks like we better rethink this, because it didn’t work.

Why is it easier to drive to drop boxes than to drive to your own polling station on polling day? Think about the money taxpayers will save.

Remember, we vote twice a year. You should plan it. If you can’t, then don’t blame someone else for your laziness!

Long Cliff, Unit

“Socialist” Labels on Democrats Are a Dishonest Strategy

Now is the right time for Democrats to expose what 2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman calls the “dishonest political strategy” used by conservative Republicans: calling most (if not all) Democrats in Congress names like “socialists,” “Marxists”, “communists”, “far left” and “radical left”.

I don’t think any of them are true socialists. They are “social democrats” just like most of our allies are in Canada, Australia, Western Europe and Scandinavia. What Democrats really want is just to make our country more like our allies in that their federal governments are doing more and spending more than ours (commensurate with the size of the population) on social programs in order to help their lower and middle classes to pay. their bills and receive good quality health care and a decent overall quality of life.

I know some Americans actually believe Democrats want to abolish our market capitalist economic system. I want to assure them that none of them want to do this. Democrats know that a truly socialist economy has never worked or succeeded in any large-scale society.

Don’t fall for this right-wing propaganda. If the truth were to be told and revealed, I believe about 95% of conservative Republicans know Democrats are not really socialists.

They just want to scare the American people, and that’s why they keep lying.

Stewart Epstein, Rochester, New York

The writer is a former Squirrel Hill resident who taught at West Virginia and Slippery Rock universities.

Have leaders read the entire Build Back Better bill

I have reviewed the contents of President Biden’s Build Back Better bill that Congress is writing, now 2,500 pages. There are lots of free giveaways, spy options (financial privacy?) Think the average American can afford a Tesla, let alone a way to top it up if he’s out on the street?

I was wondering, what can I do about this socialist bill? Then on November 6, I asked my representative, Conor Lamb, to commit to reading the entire bill before I vote. I hope to get an answer.

I suggest you go to your representatives / senators and ask them the same. Then you should never hear “I didn’t know it was in there”.

You have the voice of a voter – it only takes five minutes to go to Google’s Reps / Senators sites, click contact and ask for the pledge. No computer? Call for engagement. It is their duty. It’s reasonable. It is the national debt.

Terrence Feitknecht, Taranto

UPMC employees deserve more

I worked in the food service assembly at UPMC Presbyterian for almost a year. I make less than $ 16 an hour, and even with five roommates, there isn’t much left at the end of the month. I just want to have some money in my pocket for once.

We need a starting wage of $ 20 an hour. The lack of staff means that I have to complete additional tasks, including the delivery of trays. I even unknowingly walked into a covid room once. It was horrible and scary.

I can’t even afford to be a patient at the hospital I work in. I live from salary to salary and cannot afford to be sick. I can’t afford to hurt myself. I already have a $ 5,000 medical debt to UPMC since I had a bad fall a few years ago.

The UPMC is now announcing the creation of health savings accounts, intended to make health care more affordable for their lowest paid employees. It’s rich, coming from an employer that sets wages at poverty levels, fixes health insurance costs, is its own health care provider, and puts its workers in medical debt to their own employer.

I’m sick of being called essential when I’m called a consumable. I’m sick of my low wages. I’m sick of eating ramen every night.

UPMC is supposed to be a center of care, health and healing, but they just line their pockets. We need a union to have a voice and have a say in how things are run.

Cameron Best, Larimer

Ending abortion would benefit Social Security

Hurray to voters in Texas for eliminating abortions in their state. Hopefully other states will follow suit. Keep up the good fight!

More than 60 million babies have been killed since 1973, the year abortions became legal in the United States. If these 60 million babies had the right to life, they would be eligible to be part of our social security program. We would be happy to have them, as they would eliminate the problems that we will be facing in the very near future.

The average annual salary (2019, the latest year reported) was $ 51,916. The average median salary for 2019 was $ 34,248. There is a big difference between salary data from the Social Security Administration and median salaries. Average numbers are higher because high incomes increase them. The 60 million would fall into the average salary of the ASS. There are 46 years between 2019 and 1973. Sixty million divided by 46 equals 1,304,348 abortions per year, multiplied by the average salary of $ 51,916 equals $ 67,716,531 for that year’s total.

Eliminating abortions would improve the future of Social Security!

Catherine Kelly, Greensburg


Julio V. Miller