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Minister of Plantation Industries

By Hiran H. Senewiratne

Sri Lanka’s post-harvest losses in the agricultural sector stand at more than Rs 55 billion, a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, said Minister of Plantation Industries, Dr Ramesh Pathirana.

“As the whole world is heading towards a major food crisis, including Sri Lanka, post-harvest loss is an issue that the government has looked into extensively and there are many proposals underway to address this issue,” he said. said Pathirana on the opening day of “Pro Food, Pro Pack & Ag-biz 2022”, Sri Lanka’s only comprehensive food, agriculture and packaging exhibition, recently launched at BMICH.

This year’s event was the 19th consecutive such exhibition. The three-day exhibition ended on November 19.

The event was organized by the Food Processors Association of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services (Pvt) Ltd (LECS). The exhibition was supported and approved by the Ministry of Plantation Industries.

Pathirana added, “Government is now paying particular attention to the growth of the export and manufacturing sectors. But post-harvest losses are also a subject that has been highlighted with crop damage due to wild animals, which also amounts to Rs 55 billion.

“This event which has seen an evolutionary rise over the decades will be held under the theme ‘Farm to Fork’, designating the entire chain of the food industry, which includes and revolves around farms, up to processing, packaging, transport and finally consumption.

“The exhibition could not be held for the past two years due to the global pandemic. But now, with the revival of events in Sri Lanka, this exhibition has sold out. The organizers had planned to hold a large spectacle.

Agri Business Council Chairman Mario de Alwis said the three-day consumer expo and fair will attract a wide audience from all walks of the country.

“The event is a platform to interact with potential buyers and also helps to understand the new

technology used for the sector. Additionally, the event will showcase all facets of the food and beverage industry and include the intricate details and meticulous processes that are required to make food products accessible to the consumer, he said.

Observers added, “The event is renowned for providing a unique and comprehensive platform for the discovery and introduction of food processing, engineering and packaging services, among a host of other benefits for visitors and exhibitors.

“The first pavilion was that of the largest global player in the region, India. More than 50 Indian companies participated in this year’s event, promoted by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). The second pavilion is near the Export Development Board (EDB).

“The “National Packaging Pavilion” present at the show gives SMEs and small businesses the tools and know-how on value-added packaging services.

“The Ministry of Industries sponsored the SME and micro-enterprise pavilion within the

an event. The organizing committee had taken a very good initiative by providing a special pavilion for university students to also exhibit their innovations.

‘A highlight of this year’s event was the Street Food Fiesta and Cooking Studio.

The event has been referred to as ‘a must see’ throughout its existence.’

Julio V. Miller