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Americans support child tax credit but think seniors and disabled are more deserving

Democrats have touted the popularity of the enhanced child tax credit as one of the reasons for making the program permanent. After weeks of negotiations on various proposals for the Build Back Better bill, proponents of the policy had to settle for a one-year extension of changes to the child tax credit in order to respond to requests to reduce the overall price of the packages.

The measure costs around $ 100 billion per year, but supporters point out that the regime in fact creates $ 8 for every dollar spent because families use the funds to cover basic expenses by putting money into their communities, thus creating jobs. The power of the tax provision with its advance payments to reduce child poverty is another reason for wanting to perpetuate the regime.

The Washington Post looked at what people think of the revamped child tax credit survey of 1,200 people across the country. They found that a majority of Americans supported the measure but that other programs capable of reducing poverty have received even more support. Providing additional financial support to the elderly and disabled has garnered much more support than families with children or low income.


Julio V. Miller

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