Federal Grant to Help Low-Income People in Sweetwater County


FRESH WATER COUNTY – Thanks to a federal grant of $ 223,159 for community services (CSBG) awarded to the county, five agencies will continue to help low-income people.

At a recent Sweetwater County commission meeting, commissioners unanimously approved acceptance of a block federal grant that will help five agencies and seven programs in Sweetwater County.

Funding through the Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Public Health, is for projects recommended by the Tripartite Council.

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According to Krisena Marshal, county grants director, the funds are to be used from October 1, 2021 until September 30, 2022. This particular grant does not require a cash match.

“The purpose of this funding is therefore to empower low-income people to overcome the effects of poverty and support their progress towards greater self-reliance,” said Marchal.

She said the funding will be transferred to sub-recipients, who will use the funding for their low income programs. There are four sub-recipient contracts and seven programs receiving funding.

Rock Springs Young at Heart will receive funding in the amount of $ 65,400, to provide child care services while parents are working, looking for work or attending school, to provide child care household help for the elderly and disabled, and providing meals and special diet foods. to the elderly and disabled.

“I would like to note that when we say parents are working, it’s an important part of self-sufficiency as people get experience, try to have more hours to be able to evolve in the place. working, ”said Marchal.

Sweetwater County School District # 1 will receive $ 31,423 for the Head Start program. This money will be used to pay a family advocate who will provide full case management to parents eligible for the Head Start program.

The Sweetwater Family Resource Center will receive $ 35,000 to provide housing assistance, including emergency rent or utilities.

The Sweetwater County YWCA will receive $ 54,000 of the grant to provide child care services while parents are working, looking for work or attending school, and to provide rent and bond payments and payments of public services for victims of domestic violence.

Finally, the Sweetwater County Tripartite Council will receive $ 37,336 for operational costs, such as insurance, advertising, dues, travel, training, and this year will also help pay for a needs assessment.

“Eligible clients must be at or below 125% of the federal poverty line,” Marchal said. “To put that into perspective, a single person earning up to $ 16,100 would be eligible for the program.”

Last year it was raised to 200% of the federal poverty level due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said the subsidy could later be increased to 200 percent, but for now, the requirement remains at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level.


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