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President Biden indicates he is considering student debt relief as Joe Manchin continues to block the rest of the Democratic agenda in the name of bipartisanship, Tucker Carlson and Matt Gaetz turn against Kevin McCarthy after the latest set of leaked tapes , and Hot Take hosts Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt join a special climate edition of Take Appreciator. Listen and subscribe to Hot Take and sign up for their newsletter at HotTakePod.com.

Show Notes


  • WaPo:The Trailer: As Biden campaigns on infrastructure law, Democrats continue to fight over it
  • Policy : ‘Somebody’s taking too many edibles’ – Despair mounts on Biden’s national agenda
  • WaPo: Climate advocates fear Manchin’s bipartisan energy push is ‘all smoke and mirrors’
  • Axios: Bipartisan Senate panel discusses climate and energy
  • WaPo: Joe Manchin is back. Charlie Brown, meet Lucy’s football.
  • The week: Joe Manchin’s approval rating is up 16 points since Biden became president


  • ABC: McCarthy defends himself with Republicans after leaking Jan. 6 tapes
  • Axios: McCarthy bolsters support after leaked audio
  • NYT: McCarthy feared GOP lawmakers were putting ‘people at risk’ after Jan. 6
  • WaPo: Biggs says McCarthy’s comments about Trump on Jan. 6 are ‘a huge trust issue’
  • daily beast: Tucker Carlson Torches Kevin McCarthy as a ‘Democratic Party Puppet’
  • WaPo: Representative Madison Cawthorn cited for loaded weapon in bag at airport checkpoint
  • NYT: Madison Cawthorn brought loaded gun to airport again, officials say
  • CNN: Madison Cawthorn is *really* good at getting bad press
  • Washington Examiner: Madison Cawthorn involved in possible insider trading, experts say
  • Forbes: Sen. Tillis Calls For Insider Trading Probe Into Rep. Cawthorn’s Ties To ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Meme Piece

Julio V. Miller