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BLUFF RED – There were 30 deaths in Tehama County in September, aged 20 to 90, with COVID-19 listed on the death certificate and the overwhelming majority of those who were hospitalized or died were not vaccinated.

The burden for the county comes not only from the lives lost and time spent at work and school, but also as a burden on hospitals and those who do not need COVID-19 to seek treatment, according to one. press release issued Monday evening by the Tehama County Health Services Agency. Department of Public Health. Critical care patients are transferred out of the county and elective surgeries are postponed.

Struggles with COVID-19 include muscle weakness, “brain fog,” a persistent lack of taste and smell, and difficulty breathing long after the first diagnosis of COVID-19.

The ages of those affected by COVID-19 are also dropping, the statement said. In September, more than 154 children under the age of 10 in Tehama County tested positive for COVID-19. Of these cases, 19 were less than 1 year old. None of those children required hospitalization or died, but the age of those needing intensive care treatment, including intubation, has risen to people in their early twenties.

When you go out, wear a mask. If you’re feeling sick, don’t go to work or school and get tested, the statement said. If your test is positive, isolate yourself from family and friends until the end of your isolation period. The public is encouraged to get vaccinated, if they are not already.

Individuals may further protect themselves with a third injection of the mRNA vaccine if they are immunocompromised or a booster injection if they have previously received Pfizer and have an underlying health problem or are working in a high-risk environment, such as a center of collective life or in health care.

“By working together, we can reduce the risk of hospitalization, disability and death in Tehama County from COVID-19,” said Minnie Sagar, director of public health.

For more information, call Public Health at 527-6824 for Red Bluff, 824-4890 for Corning or toll free at 1-800-655-6854.

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