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The holidays are fast approaching and this year LAFCO Candles want to make this season a season for the books and start the celebrations earlier than expected. But how? Simple: invest in the LAFCO candle collection for the holidays, sure.

The LAFCO holiday candle collection not only includes some of the best candles on the market, it is made up of five sensational scents that will transport you (without the move).

Opt for Spiced Pomander to experience a cool fall day in the apple orchard, or switch to cooler times with their Champagne Holiday candle.

No matter what reason, season, or occasion you are trying to emulate, each soy candle offers the same beautiful glass vessel that doubles as a backdrop and burn time for up to 50 hours. In other words, the party must never stop!

5 LAFCO candles to invest in this holiday season

Nonetheless, if you’re having trouble figuring out which of the best home fragrances here is best for you (and all of your) vacation needs, we’re here to help. These are the five fabulously scented LAFCO candles to invest in this season.

1. Spicy pomander

LAFCO spicy pomander candle

(Image credit: LAFCO)

Spicy Pomander candle from $ 17, at LAFCO

Give a touch of modernity to your usual holiday traditions by opting for the Spiced Pomander candle. Designed in three different sizes – 1.9 oz, 6.5 oz or 15.5 oz – get ready to submerge your homes with bitter orange, decorated with cloves, nestles in the warm richness of cinnamon fresh; to let you know the holidays are approaching. See the offer

2. Champagne festivals

LAFCO champagne holiday candles

(Image credit: LAFCO)

Holiday champagne candle for $ 65, at LAFCO

Get ready for the most epic champagne toast of this holiday season with this candle. Scents of fresh mandarin zest and sparkling neroli are drizzled with golden honey, while a dollop of sweet vanilla with a dash of frosted ginger reveals the brightest of holiday scents. See the offer

3. Frosted pine

LAFCO frosted pine candles

(Image credit: LAFCO)

Frosted Pine Candle for $ 65, at LAFCO

Inspired by the snow-covered forests of winter, this choice infuses homes with freshly fallen pine needles and white birch and smoky cedar to create a fresh, festive holiday scent that perfectly captures the season. See the offer

4. Winter currant

LAFCO winter currant scent candles

(Image credit: LAFCO)

Winter currant candle for $ 65, at LAFCO

The sweetness of heliotrope is infused with lush red currant and a whiff of tangerine nectar to form a delicious concoction that brightens up your home with a sniff made for the holidays. See the offer

5. Bourbon with white maple

LAFCO candles with bourbon white maple scent

(Image credit: LAFCO)

Bourbon Maple Candle White for $ 65, at LAFCO

With enveloping accents of soft bourbon, white maple wood and precious vanilla bean, this candle welcomes you in a new scent while reminding you of the quiet evenings coiled by the fire.

See the offer

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